DHR Changelog
    Version 1.04.20
  1. Added sprites for Alexander.
  2. Fixed bug where Leazas would not properly generate/act as an AI country.
  3. Fixed bug where Knight units would be placed strangely.
  4. Added event as Ice to remove essential status.
  5. Gave Magic weed.
  6. Various fixes.
    Version 1.04
  1. Made changes to Alice and Dark Alice.
  2. Added passives to nations that didn't have any.
  3. Ice can now create monsters when they own monster realm territories.
  4. Lil Avenger is no longer an essential unit.
  5. Various fixes.
    Version 1.03
  1. Fixed Alice's Wild Card skill not working during army battles.
  2. Added Niwa Nagahide into normal ronin pool.
  3. When Ronin pool is empty, you will instead recruit a random Gal Monster.
  4. Buffed Firebowl Jutsu.
  5. Various fixes.
    Version 1.02
  1. Ruberan, Convert Tax, Freya, Alcapone, Aegis, Sakura, Katsuie and Abert are no longer essential units to their starting faction(s).
  2. Reset and Meltel are now essential units to their starting faction(s).
  3. Added Epide as a unit for Rance Thieves.
  4. Items can now be equipped to equivalent classes.
  5. Added Alice challenge battle.
  6. TGM and Arunaru now start with Clay Figure Smasher.
  7. Various fixes.
    Version 1.01
  1. Added Sieg's "Copy" Skill.
  2. Various fixes.
    Version 1.00
  1. The initial release that all of the above is built on.