DARKNESSHERO Rance Mod Official Website

    The Current Version of the Darkness Hero Rance mod is 1.07. Additions and fixes below.

  1. Compatibility with the MangaGamer release! Support for the fan translation ended.
  2. Character names and dialogue have been changed accordingly.
  3. Implemented endings for the factions that didn't have one.
  4. Added ending CGs for Helman and the Ex Rebellion.
  5. Changed the action flags required for several actions used in combat.
  6. Changed how damage is calculated for several skills.
  7. Various characters now have new or updated sprites.
  8. Added more names to generic unit generation to take advantage of text wrapping.

  9. Ludo's getting bored.
  1. LP0004
  2. Rance joins Ice Flame, a rebellion group in the nation of Zeth.
  3. LP0004
  4. Retrieving Sill, Rance leaves Ice Flame, and the group is shortly merged with The Pentagon, another Zeth rebellion group.
  5. LP0004
  6. The King of Zeth, Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi, disappears mysteriously overnight.
  7. LP0005
  8. Rance becomes the secret ruler of the Oda House in Nippon.
  9. LP0005
  10. A gourd containing the Fiend Xavier is broken in Owari.
  11. LP0005
  12. Rance leaves the Oda House.
  13. LP0005
  14. Nanas Alphoria, prince of the mobile nation, Mamatoto, develops a machine to transfer strong warriors from other universes. A violent yakuza member, a dog-like God carrying futuristic weaponry, a sadistic jorougumo, warriors from the World of Eve, a devil and an idol are brought to the Continent.
  15. LP0005
  16. Oda Nobunaga unites Nippon. Many chose to flee the country, others commit seppuku after their failures.
  17. LP0005
  18. The Hell Holes expand in Nippon. Rumors of a tough guy forms.
  19. LP0006
  20. The new Kalar Princess, Reset Kalar is born.
  21. LP0006
  22. Rance goes missing.
  23. LP0006
  24. A band of outlaws in north-eastern Helman gradually gains strength and catch the ire of the Helman government.
  25. LP0006
  26. The Maginot Line is broken.
  27. LP0006
  28. Lia Parapara Leazas organizes a search party for Rance.
  29. LP0006
  30. The White Army of Leazas defects from Leazas.
  31. LP0006
  32. Patton Misnarge, a prince long thought dead, makes his presence known in Helman.
  33. LP0007
  34. Seeking an edge over the Hornet Faction, the Kayblis Faction launches its first major attack against the human realm.
  35. LP0007
  36. Seeking a defense against the Kayblis Faction, the Hornet Faction sends demons to scout human territories.

Lives are lost all across the continent and there is little hope of peace, just like the Creator wanted. No one can really say who will be the victor in this continent-wide battle for supremacy.

What is Darkness Hero Rance?

Darkness Hero Rance is a mod for Sengoku Rance created by toufu guy and later adopted by Steve [Monster]. The original intent was to recreate Kichikuou Rance in Sengoku Rance's engine, though focus quickly shifted towards the game's Free For All mode and the single player story is all but abandoned without a single scene made. What resulted was a total overhaul of the base game's mechanics, characters and classes for a unique and new experience.

Play alone or with friends for a fresh, fanservice-y alternative to your Sengoku Rance free for all run.