DHR About
    New Major Gameplay Mechanics
  1. A new map based on that of 1996's Kichikuou Rance with some additions from newer games in the Rance series, such as the inclusion of the Pentagon faction.

  2. Recruitment of units from a pool of candidates that include the unique units of conquered factions, characters from various Alicesoft properties and a handful of joke characters.

  3. Local multiplayer with up to 18 players.

  4. New and re-worked challenge battles similar to those in the main game.

  5. There are now collection events that result in new units or items when you have certain units at the same time.
    Faction and Unit Mechanics
  1. Playing as Ice you will spend significantly less resources creating custom units.

  2. Playing as The O you have the ability to make Arios the Hero, who gets stronger as the "Human Extinction" meter goes up, that being a passive increase every turn that can be slightly sped up by player involvement.

  3. Playing as the Ex Rebellion will allow you to see every unit neighboring factions have. Handy when you're hunting for your waifu.

  4. Playing as the Pentagon you have the ability to cause riots in bordering countries, which may cost them a turn. It is significantly harder to recruit mage units from your prison while playing as the Pentagon.

  5. Playing as Portugal will allow you to buy ronin at the cost of an action as well as using your units to search for them.

  6. Playing as Pencilcow will make it easier to recruit female units from your prison but also significantly harder to recruit male units from your prison.

  7. Playing as the Kayblis Faction you have the ability to generate PG custom units, which function similarly to human cannon units.

  8. Playing as the Hornet Faction you have the ability to generate Horus custom units, which function similarly to human cavalry units.

  9. Playing as either of the demon factions will make it significantly harder to recruit any unit in your prison.

  10. If a Kalar unit is attacked the attacker loses all their buffs if they have any.
    Quality of Life Changes
  1. Attacks that hit multiple enemy units are now a single animation instead of being looped for every unit hit.

  2. Players are now able to recruit ronin instead of having to rely solely on capturing units from other factions.

  3. Players will now receive a free unit at the start of every turn. In singleplayer it'll be a generic unit, but in multiplayer it'll be a unit from the ronin pool.

  4. Monster unit classes now available on troops menu.
    Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q: How do I install it?
  2. A: Rename "Rance7GA.ald" in your English Patched Sengoku Rance folder to "Rance7GM.ald" and add the files from the rar, replacing "rance7.ain".

  3. Q: Where do I find the base game?
  4. A: With an official release inbound, we can no longer support piracy of the title, however if you dig around enough, you can probably find it on your own.

  5. Q: Do I need to be familiar with the series to enjoy this mod?
  6. A: Like Sengoku Rance itself, DARKNESSHERO Rance is built to be a starting point. The mod is made to be a Smash Bros. Ultimate-esque celebration of the characters and world, but like Smash Bros. you don't need to know each of the characters to play the game, and you don't need to play the source material to get attached to the character.

  7. Q: This mod has multiplayer right? How can I play this online?
  8. A: DARKNESSHERO Rance's multiplayer is a controller swap-style multiplayer that's local only, however using a screen sharing program like Parsec, you can share control of your mouse and keyboard and play the game with other people who have an account.
    Porn Related Questions
  1. Q: Is this a porn game?
  2. A: DARKNESSHERO Rance is a free for all focused mod, which means that all story cutscenes, erotic or not, are not present. Characters speak vulgarly, and there are several hidden MS paint drawings of a booby, but they are incredibly crude, and not particularly erotic. You could play this on stream or in a library.

  3. Q: But is this a porn game though?
  4. A: The Rance series is a long running series of genre bending role-playing games, often blending gameplay mechanics from other genres such as point-and-click adventures, grid based strategy RPGs, visual novels, gachapon card games, roulette wheels and in the case of Sengoku Rance, grand strategies. The story is based around the Planner System, a set of RPG-like rules that affects every living being on the planet. The drama of the series comes from how everyone reacts to the enforced status quo of the planet, and the ongoing threat of the demons.

  5. Q: So is this a porn game or not?
  6. A: I (Steve [Monster], the mod developer, not Megadev Moromi, the website developer) would honestly consider the Rance series to be on par with other pieces of meta-fiction like Undertale and Doki Doki Literature Club, with its main thesis being the thought of non-choice in games.

  8. A: A majority of the series does feature scenes of erotic nature and intent, and is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.

  9. Q: Why should I play a porn game?
  10. A: We feel the game works off of its perception as a porn game to tell a more complex story and tackle mature subject matters. It's not just edgy shock value black comedy, often times the game can make you feel uncomfortable, and it's clear from how they're showing the scene that that is the intended reaction. As weird as it is to say, we'd put Sengoku Rance on our list of video games everyone should give a try. But that discussion is entirely irrelevant. DARKNESSHERO Rance is a gameplay focused mod with no porn scenes whatsoever.

  11. Q: Is the porn any good?
  12. A: No. The protagonist is a complete mess. When he's not being a horrible person, he's being a laughable dork, and when he's not the one doing the fucking, you get all the horrible person with none of the laughable dork, and a whole lot of big uncomfortable words. But that discussion is entirely irrelevant. DARKNESSHERO Rance is a gameplay focused mod with no porn scenes whatsoever.